About Us

In a nutshell –

The Short of it.

We are Passionate about The Bujinkan and provide products, resources and support systems to add value to our experience as practitioners and/or Dojo owners.

Feel free to test our Dojo Management System, at no costs or risk for 1 month and see if the product adds value and resonates with you. We have no term contracts (Dojo Management usage is month to month and email service is once off for a year) and users can cancel at anytime.

We are honored to serve, Contact: admin@bujinkan-budo.com

A little more than just the nutshell –

Born from a Passion to Serve.

Hello and Welcome,

Digital Dojo or Digi Dojo (D1g1D0j0) for short, is a small collaboration that formed because a Bujinkan instructor wanted to add value to their dojo by building Brand awareness and a Dojo Management System that was Bujinkan centric and affordable.

Challenge 1: Immediate Brand identification as Bujinkan when interacting via email.
Challenge 2: Access a Cloud Drive & Office Apps online to manage dojo admin & files.
Challenge 3: Keep costs low.

Challenges 1, 2 & 3 met through “yourname@bujinkan-budo.com”, This allows a customized email address that immediately identifies as being a Bujinkan Dojo or individual who practises Bujinkan Budo.

It has a large enough Cloud Drive to store 15GB of data and full suite of Office Applications (Meet: Video & voice conferencing, Chat: Team messaging, Calendar: Shared calendars, Docs: Word processing, Sheets: Spreadsheets, Slides: Presentation builder, Forms: Professional surveys builder, Sites: Website builder and more…).

A similar product is available through Google but at $72 per annum, whereas Ours is almost half the price @ $40 per year.

Challenge 4: A Web based dojo management system designed for Bujinkan Budo & low cost. Video interaction with students via an online membership platform to support their training.

Challenge 4 met through “Dojo Management Systems”.

The program has been designed for a Bujinkan Dojo and has a web page, class schedule, customizable grading requirements & recording of individuals grades from 9th Kyu till 15th Dan (these are the requirements/recommendations each instructor has for their own students grades, as well as when they received these grades), Class attendance, Payments, Student management, Statistics, Each student has their own login to view their profile, News, Notice board and more… for a low cost of $15 per month.

COMING SOON: Host Your Own online video membership on our platform, serving Your students and generating additional revenue through distance support learning during Covid-19!


Our Passion is The Bujinkan.

We do not determine policy nor dictate politics, we designed a dojo support system that works for us and you are welcome to interact with it if it resonates with you. We and Our BuYu (Martial Friends) have found it a benefit that adds value by supporting Our Bujinkan Dojos operations. We have no term contracts (Dojo Management usage is month to month and email service is once off for a year) and users can cancel at anytime.

Thank You & “Keep Going!”


The Nuts in the shell –

Meet The Collaborators, Designers & Users of the Systems.

Still Under Construction, More Faces to be added……

A System Collaborator and End User.

Jason Oscar Roberts is a Dai Shihan in The Bujinkan and started his Martial Arts Journey in 1977 training in Boxing; Karate; Judo; Muay Thai; Jujutsu; Bujinkan & Personal Protective Measures. He is a personal student of Dai Shihan Phil Legare.

He Started Teaching in 1992 and has Teaching License in a few of the arts listed above.

Jason’s background is in Business Management, Telecommunications, Fitness, Body Therapy and Combat. ​His passion is to empower people with tools to assist them in becoming healthier and free in their movement.

Jason is also a qualified: L1 First Aider; Certified Exercise Teachers Association Trainer; Certified Shiatsu Therapist & Pilates Instructor. He has developed The Oscar Method as a tool to share self awareness through Movement by Restoring, Maintaining & Defending the body.

Jason educates Law Enforcement & Civilians in the following  Dynamic Synergy Systems of Physical Conflict Resolution Management: Posture & Movement, Mobility & Impact, Fulcrum & Lever, Escape & Suppression, Conflict Response, Tactical Tools, Strategic Survival & Inner Dynamics.

He shares his extensive unconventional experience in conflict situational management with members of the Military, Law Enforcement, Correctional Services, Traffic Departments, Security Companies, Government Agencies as well as the Public.

I am very happy with the dojo management systems created by D1j1D0j0

Jason’s details:

info@bujinkan-budo.com- Instagram – YouTube – Website  – PPM Web – FaceBook