Services & Products for The Community

If you are a Bujinkan Dojo Owner, Practitioner, or Both, we understand that your main priority is training and that Branding, Products and Systems are very important and have their place in adding value to your experience and managing your Dojo. We are Passionate about The Bujinkan and Serving The Community, so please feel free to enjoy and interact with the products we use in our own Dojo’s.

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Dojo Management System

The program has been designed for a Bujinkan Dojo and has a Web page, Class schedule, Customizable grading requirements and recording of ranks received from 9th Kyu till 15th Dan, Class attendance, Payments, Student management, Statistics, Each student has their own login to view their profile, News, Notice board and more


Get for $40 per year.

This allows a customized email address that immediately identifies as being a Bujinkan Dojo or individual who practises Bujinkan Budo.

It has a large enough Cloud Drive to store 15GB of data and full suite of office applications (more info)

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